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The Philippines

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    Inner Healing (5+ People)

    Facilitate inner healing of women rescued from the sex trade through approved curriculum or varied healing ministry approaches.

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    Sponsorship Management

    Develop, create, and maintain our sponsorship program for rescued women’s restoration and schooling. Facilitate sponsor updates.

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    Tutor rescued women in various academic disciplines. Help disciple women along their academic journey toward success.

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    Property Maintenance

    Maintain safe houses, including plumbing, extermination, landscape, and general work orders. Inspect and approve new properties for expansion.

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    Create compelling multi-media for our social networking needs using photography and videography.

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    Worship Leaders/ Music Teachers

    Lead nightly worship sessions and help with musical instrument training and voice coaching. Inspire songwriting and an environment of creative expressions of worship.

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    Early Childhood Education Director

    Develop an early childhood education program in addition to providing a biblical foundation for the children of Wipe Every Tear.

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    Document the movement of God through storytelling, interviews, blogging, social networking, and newsletters.

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    Social Worker

    Assist local social work provider with case management intake and follow-up evaluations documentation. Help provide access to mental, physical, and emotional health care to ensure the success of each Wipe Every Tear woman.

Boise, Idaho, USA

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    Social Media

    Capture testimonies through interviews with staff and mission trip team members for social media updates, newsletters, and blogs.

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    Create website and print ready documents and graphics to enhance the work of Wipe Every Tear. Take video to help expand and maintain an up-to-date and vibrant website.

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