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The Philippines

  • Connector.

    Inner Healing (5+ People)

    Facilitate inner healing of women rescued from the sex trade thru tools such as Bethel Sozo and other approved ministries.

  • Connector.

    Sponsorship Management

    Develop/create and maintain sponsorship program for rescued women’s restoration and schooling. Facilitate updates with sponsors.

  • Connector.


    Kingdom businesses to sustain livelihood for rescued women and missionaries. Manage jewelry project.

  • Connector.

    English Tutor

    Tutor rescued women English and in other academic areas. Help disciple academic journey.

  • Connector.

    Property Maintenance

    Maintain safe houses: this includes plumbing, extermination, landscape, and general work orders. Inspect and approve new properties for expansion.

  • Connector.


    General multi-media needs for social media outlets. (Photography, videography, etc)

  • Connector.

    Worship Leaders/ Music Teachers

    Lead nightly worship sessions and instruct musical instruments/ voice coaching.

  • Connector.

    Van Drivers

    Facilitate transportation to and from school, grocery shopping, and other daily needs.

  • Connector.

    Early Childhood Education Director

    An experienced individual to help develop our early-childhood education program. This involves setting up a biblical foundation for the children to grow into.

  • Connector.


    Document the move of God through story telling, interviews, blogging, newsletters, etc.

  • Connector.

    Social Worker (Intake/ Follow Up)

    Responsible to evaluate, access, and document each girl’s mental, physical, and emotional health upon entry to Wipe Every Tear safe homes. Help create active follow up and the next steps to ensure the success of each girl.

Boise, Idaho

  • Connector.

    Storyteller/ Social Media

    Capture Wipe Every Tear testimonies thru interviewing staff and short-term trip team members. Update social media outlets with testimonies.

  • Connector.

    Multi Media

    Work as the Wipe Every Tear creative department, creating web and print documents/graphics to help meet the needs and enhance the ministry of Wipe Every Tear, taking photo/video to better enhance our reach, and maintain an up-to-date website.

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